At the Door

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit!” The gingerhaired catgirl cursed as she dropped packages everywhere, trying to open the door with one hand, and gesture wildly with the other to negate the banishing spell on the front door set to ward off strangers and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Tamar had forgotten about it in the rush of shoe shopping till she felt the prickle of energy building and was now frantically trying to avoid being poofed off to some random unpleasant location.

“Raa-” was all the cry she managed to get out before a brilliant flash of light enveloped the shapely familiar and she was gone.

Raamiel Marshack arrived at the penthouse in a dark mood, characteristically so but made worse by lack of a certain level of vodka in his system. The impeccably dressed archmage stopped up short, eyebrows raised behind his dark designer sunglasses, “…the fuck?” as he surveyed the scene: tumbled packages of exorbitantly expensive women’s shoes scattered around the opened front door to his abode, a slightly singed spot on the ground, with some ginger fur smoldering in the center of it and the unmistakeable smell of singed cat. He pressed his index finger and his thumb to the bridge of his nose, squeezing closed his ruby eyes with a sigh of annoyance as he gestured effortlessly with the other hand, lips moving soundlessly as he sought, found, and apperated his familiar in short order.

Tamar stood on the front steps shivering, dripping wet, coughing violently, her lovely face pale, eye makeup running in dark rivulets down her cheeks, hair, ears, and tail hanging in pitiful, sodden masses as she glanced up at him sheepishly.

Raamiel tugged on his leather gloves, gave the female a tsk and pushed past her into his house, “Clean up that mess, you silly catslut. And next time you forget I may leave you there,” stalking to the bar to fix himself a vodka on the rocks, hold the ice, leaving the catgirl to scramble to gather her purchases, now soggy, and drag them in before slipping off quietly for a hot shower to wash the ocean out of her hair.


~ by Tamar on September 27, 2012.

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